Political campaigns

Buy Direct and Get the Secret Weapon for Your Political Campaign

10MM Marketing offers a variety of products that can help you during your political campaign.  Rather than work with a vendor, buy direct with 10MM Marketing and lower your online advertising costs!

Here are some of our products that are a best fit for a political campaign:

IP Targeting

For pennies on the dollar, Local PagePop can improve your campaign efforts by adding IP Targeting – direct household online targeting. IP Targeting takes the traditional direct mail strategy and delivers a message in the form of banner or video ads on websites online. We can take any physical mailing address and match it to an individual household, hotel, convention center, or office building’s IP address.

Demographic / Behavioral Targeting

This form of display advertising (or Display Targeting) allows your campaign to pin-point on your audience by reaching specific demographic groups. Utilize the lifestyle of consumers to reach your core audience. Find the group-within-a-group you’ve been trying to locate from the beginning, and exclude the slices of population that are the wrong age, gender or financial situation for your ads.

Facebook Campaigns

Facebook is an excellent tool that can accomplish a variety of things to promote your campaign.  We are able to target your audience by location, behavior, demographics, connections, interest and even custom and lookalike audiences.  We can ensure that your social media ads are seeing the best eyes for your campaign.


OTT is programming delivered through digital streaming and on-demand. Unlike its traditional TV counterpart, Connected TV audience targeting allows you to put your marketing dollars towards your most valuable viewers. Use first or third-party data, just like you do for digital campaigns, to serve ads on the biggest screen in the home. Benefit from lean-back, full-screen experience that cannot be skipped, delivering high completion rates for your message.

EmaIL Campaigns

While we live in a world where display marketing is becoming more and more valuable during a political campaign, that doesn’t mean there isn’t amazing value in running a direct email campaign. We can laser-in on the exact audience you want to target and maximize the reach of your campaign.


Increase Revenue

By opening up this new sales channel to your advertisers, you will be able to capitalize on this trending growth area in digital advertising and increase your revenue

Improve Customer Targeting

By combining real-time user location (GPS) and location history, you can gain data about a consumer’s demographics and interests which can then be used to serve relevant ads.

The Most Accurate Product on the Market

Our Geofencing product is the most targeted and accurate on the market. Our advanced technology allows you to pinpoint your consumer location and ads better than ever before.